The Ringmasters

Long before cars and horses the hay wagon stood supreme. This is the same philosophy that drives us to innovate, create and produce some of the most spectacular works of film that ever existed. 

Hank and Pete possess a unique ability to feed off of each others energy in the spurt of the moment. This gives way to numerous stories that take far too many sharp turns out of thin air. So one day they thought "hmmm... what if we started writing some of these down?"...

The Rusty Hay Wagon Circus was now open for business. We try and make movies that are fun for most people of all ages (well, maybe not the younguns). We hope that you take the time to reach out to us, get to know us, watch what we are making and tell all your friends how much fun you had attending the Rusty Hay Wagon Circus

Hank Kellerman

Co-Founder and Lead Ringmaster

Hank likes to think he is the brains behind this operation. Stories enjoy the time they spend in his mind before they are birthed as moving pictures. He likes dogs.

Pete Kellerman

Co-Founder and Apprentice Ringmaster 

Pete enjoys the old western tales. His mind farms for stories and songs until the harvest is ripe. He plays guitar pretty good and has monkey hands for feet.


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